Post abortal IUCD and Tubal Ligation

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I have been applying post abortal IUCD and doing first trimester MTP along with tubal ligation and found these techniques very safe if done under good antibiotic cover and proper sterlization methods. In India , especially in rural areas females are having high fertility rate and they usually come witth early pregnancy 6-8 weeks with no cardiac activity as they have already taken pills.If they have completed the family I motivate them for ligation , minilap is done just after the MVA or next day by admitting them in our Govt Hospital.Females who have one baby and want more with the gap of 2-3 years , we advise them to go for CuT 380 A or Multiload 375 , as once they go home they are not going to come back after 42 days for the IUCD or tubectomy.

Some Obstetricians in India are against the immediate insertion and ligation.

I would like to ask the members of the forum to give their valuable suggestions.






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