Factors associated with early growth in Egyptian infants: implications for addressing the dual burden of malnutrition

Journal Article
(Published September, 2015)
Kavle, J. A. (Author),
Flax, V.L. (Author),
Abdelmegeid, A. (Author),
Salah, F. (Author),
Hafez, S. (Author),
Ramzy, M. (Author),
Hamed, D. (Author),
Saleh, G. (Author),
Galloway, R. (Author)
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In Egypt, infants and young children face overlapping forms of malnutrition, including micronutrient deficiencies, stunting and overweight.  This USAID-funded SMART/MCHIP implementation research study of a longitudinal cohort of infants birth to 1 year of age sought to determine if growth patterns and factors differend in Lower and Upper Egypt, examining relationships between weight loss and subsequest stunting at 12 months of age.