Health Care Professional and Occupational Regulation Toolkit

(Published December, 2013)
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Effective professional and regulatory organizations contribute to the safety and welfare of the public by promoting quality practitioners through the establishment of registration systems and assurance of the competence of health care workers.  This regulatory toolkit provides a comprehensive package of foundational regulatory information and tools that can guide stakeholders in processes such as task analysis or regulatory situational analysis in order to strengthen regulatory activities.  The underpinning principles of the toolkit are to provide resources to regulators of health care professionals and to assist in operationalizing key international regulatory documents, and in turn, strengthen professional practice.  

Primary Objectives of the Regulation Toolkit:

  1. Provide a resource for regulators so they have an understanding of the nature, dimensions, and methods of regulation and the capacity to implement regulatory systems
  2. Foster a general understanding of regulation for various stakeholders

In this regulatory tool kit, we examine the principles and tools of the regulation of health care professionals. The toolkit also provides resources to help organizations implement or update organizations’ regulations. The toolkit provides information, best practices, and examples and templates that can be adapted for your use.

Resources in the Regulation Toolkit

Section 1: Fundamentals of Regulating Health Care Professions and Occupations

Section 2: Implementing Regulations

Section 3: Mechanics and Tools of Professional Regulation

Section 4: Situational Analysis

Regulation Resources and Links