Minilaparotomy under Local Anesthesia Learning Resource Package

Training Material
(Published January, 2018)
Jhpiego and MCSP (Author),
Dana Lewison (Editor)
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This learning package focuses on one of the most common approaches to female sterilization: minilaparotomy under local anesthesia (ML/LA). The approach was developed so that female sterilization could be provided on a large scale and at minimal cost by non-specialist doctors with specific surgical training in minilaparotomy.

The reference manual is organized into 11 chapters and 8 appendices and contains essential information on the following topics: counseling; informed choice; eligibility, precautions, and client assessment; recommended infection prevention and control; anesthesia; the surgical procedure; postpartum minilaparotomy; postoperative recovery, discharge, and follow-up; management of complications; and mobile outreach services. It is designed to provide all of the essential information needed to conduct the course in a logical manner. Because it serves as the “text” for the learners and the “reference source” for the facilitator, special handouts or supplemental materials are not needed. In addition, because the manual contains only information that is consistent with the course goals and objectives, it becomes an integral part of all classroom exercises—such as giving an illustrated lecture or providing problem-solving information.

The Learner’s Guide, on the other hand, serves a dual function. First, and foremost, it is the “road map” that guides the learner through each phase of the course. It contains the course syllabus and schedule as well as all supplemental printed materials (precourse questionnaire, individual and group assessment matrix, checklists, and course evaluation) needed during the course.

The Facilitator’s Guide contains the same material as the guide for the learner as well as materials specifically for the facilitator. This includes the course outline, precourse questionnaire answer key, midcourse questionnaire and answer key, and competency-based qualification checklists.

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