The potential role for mass drug administration in malaria elimination

Journal Article
(Published January, 2017)
Brieger W. (Author)
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As malaria control interventions are scaled up and sustained, malaria transmission levels decline and prevalence falls, an increasing number of countries are starting to see elimination on the horizon. To help achieve this, countries are exploring strategies involving widespread distribution of antimalarial drugs, primarily artemisinin-combination therapies (ACTs), to asymptomatic individuals. Three approaches include mass drug administration (MDA) and mass screening, treatment (MSaT) and focal MDA or screening and treatment (FMAD/FSAT). In Sierra Leone, MDA was seen as a lifesaving tool to prevent malaria deaths during the Ebola epidemic when taking blood samples for diagnosis was a major risk. Mass drug administration is not a one-time-only intervention and should be integrated with strong surveillance systems, cost-effectiveness, and adequate drugs. With proper planning, integration and targeting, countries may find that MDA can be a valuable malaria elimination toolkit.

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Brieger B. The potential role for mass drug administration in malaria elimination. Africa Health. 2017;2017(January):4