How to Use this Site

Jhpiego provides the global health community with information, access to expertise and opportunities to get support for program implementation in limited-resource settings.

The site offers evidence-based materials and state-of-the-art learning opportunities in a range of technical areas and programmatic approaches. These resources can be used by health care providers and other staff, educators/trainers, program staff, policymakers, ministries of health and others, as appropriate, to:

  • Update knowledge, skills and attitudes of point-of-care service providers;
  • Create or update service delivery/clinical guidelines, training materials and curricula;
  • Advocate for needed changes in health policies and systems;
  • Develop plans for program implementation;
  • Implement program interventions in a manner that is effective, efficient and sustainable.

Visitors can download resources (documents, etc.) to use in developing project materials, training, courses, presentations, and publications. Visitors are asked to acknowledge the source of the materials (see the Terms of Use.)

Discussion boards allow for dialogue among users of the site materials and related approaches.