Advancing implementation in maternal and newborn health:

Journal Article
(Published June, 2015)
Smith JM (Author),
Agarwal, K. (Author),
Necochea, E. (Author),
Deller, B. (Author),
Haver, J. (Author),
Dao, B. (Author),
Otolorin, E. (Author),
Pfitzer, A. (Author),
Roman, E. (Author),
Kanyuuru, L. (Author),
Carr, C. (Author),
Sanghvi, H. (Editor),
Smith, J. (Editor),
Agarwal, K. (Editor),
Dao, B. (Editor),
Magarick, R. (Editor),
Gubin, R. (Editor),
Fullerton, J. (Editor)
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Twelve technical experts and numerous co-authors/team members contribute nearly 20 years of data-based, intervention results for best practices in maternal, newborn and childhealth care by involving communities and governments in policy and implementation changes,  pre-service education, community health workers, family planning innovations, emergency obstetrical care, malaria and HIV in pregnancy control, task-shifting, training for leadership, and scale-up of high-impact interventions. 

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Sanghvi, H. Advancing Implementation in Maternal and Newborn Health. International Journal of Gynecology & Obstetrics,130, Supplement 2 (2015)