A profile of women at the highest risk of maternal death in Pakistan

Journal Article
(Published July, 2014)
Sohail Agha (Author)
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The purpose of the study is to stimulate a discussion of both the difficulty and the importance of reaching the poorest women with high-quality maternal health interventions using data from the Pakistan DHS 2006-07 to develop a profile of the poorest women in Pakistan to understand demand-side barriers to accessing maternal health care. Stark differences exist in human capital, material and demographic resources between the poorest women and other women and illustrate low levels of service utilization among the poorest women.  Pilot projects in Pakistan suggest that the poorest women can be reached at disproportionately higher rates than non-poor women through targeted, community-based, interventions. Evidence-based approaches and measures should be taken to ensure that the quality of care provided through these interventions is adequate and able to lead to significant reductions in mortality.

Agha S. A profile of women at the highest risk of maternal death in Pakistan. Health Policy Plan. July 2014. DOI: 10.1093/heapol/czu066