Rapid Facility Assessments of Malaria in Pregnancy Practices

(Published December, 2018)
Transforming Intermittent Preventive Treatment for Optimal Pregnancy (TIPTOP) Project (Author)
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To inform and adjust program implementation based on community health worker and facility capacity to implement the Transforming Intermittent Preventive Treatment for Optimal Pregnancy (TIPTOP) project, a baseline rapid assessment was conducted in the four Phase I target districts at the primary health facilities in four countries: Democratic Republic of Congo, Madagascar, Mozambique, and Nigeria. The objective of the surveys, conducted in October and November of 2017, was to understand current malaria in pregnancy practices and challenges at facilities and in the communities where TIPTOP project implementation will occur. Four different assessments were conducted: Facility, ANC provider knowledge, CHW Supervisor and Routine Data Quality.  The results of these assessments are summarized in the country-specific infographics and are informing how to apply the TIPTOP approach in the context of national guidelines, thereby engendering sustainability within project countries and lending to quality.

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