Respectful maternity care in Ethiopian public health facilities

Journal Article
(Published May, 2017)
Sheferaw, Ephrem D. (Author),
Bazant, E. (Author),
Gibson, H. (Author),
Fenta, H.B. (Author),
Ayalew, F. (Author),
Belay, T.B. (Author),
Worku, M. (Author),
Kebebu, A.E. (Author),
Woldie, S.A. (Author),
Kim, Y.M. (Author),
van den Akker, T. (Author),
Sekelenburg, J. (Author)
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Disrespect and abuse of women during institutional childbirth services is one of the deterrents to utilization of maternity care services in Ethiopia and other low- and middle-income countries. This paper describes the prevalence of respectful maternity care (RMC) and mistreatment of women delivering babies in 28 hospitals and health centers, identifying factors associated with occurrence of RMC and mistreatment of women during institutional labor and childbirth services

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Sheferaw ED, Bazant E, Gibson H, Fenta HB, Ayalew F, Belay TB, et al. Respectful maternity care in Ethiopian public health facilities. Reprod Health. 2017;14(1):60