Course Materials

Course materials may consist of a learning resource package.


A Learning Resource Package is a collection of materials used to conduct a course—whether a traditional, group-based course or another type of learning event. Components of a learning resource package usually include, but are not limited to:

Reference manual: The text containing the essential, need-to-know information pertaining to a specific skill or activity (e.g., IUD insertion, infection prevention and control, training skills). The reference manual contains all of the information needed to conduct the training course in a logical manner. It serves as the text for participants (sometimes also called learners) and the reference source for the trainer or facilitator.

Participant’s handbook: The participant’s guide to the course, usually containing the participant learning objectives, course syllabus, evaluation criteria, learning exercises, validated knowledge questionnaires and checklists that break down the skill or activity into its essential steps.

Trainer’s notebook: The trainer’s guide to the course, usually containing all of the information the participant receives, plus answer keys to the questionnaires, a detailed course schedule or outline, tips for trainers and other detailed information that is useful for those conducting the course.

Presentation graphics: These are usually PowerPoint sets, distilling the information in the reference manual, which the trainer presents to the participants in the course.