Transfer of Learning Materials

Transfer of learning has been defined as ensuring that the knowledge and skills a person acquires during a learning intervention are subsequently applied on the job. Ideally, learners are able to transfer 100% of their new knowledge and skills to their jobs, which results in a higher level of performance and an improvement in the quality of the services at their facilities. Learning interventions, such as group-based training courses, distance learning, on-the-job training and self-study, enable health care workers to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills. The transfer of learning process is an inter-related series of activities carried out by trainers, supervisors, learners, co-workers and others—before, during and after a learning intervention—to maximize the transfer of knowledge and skills and improve job performance.

Adapted from: PRIME II and Jhpiego. 2002. Transfer of Learning: A Guide for Strengthening the Performance of Health Care Workers.